User Management

You may create an unlimited number of user accounts to access SendReceipt.

To view existing user accounts

  1. Go to Administration
  2. Click User Accounts

To create a user account

  1. Go to User Accounts
  2. Click New User
  3. Enter the user's email, name, and select the appropriate account level and permissions
  4. Click Save

The user will receive an email with their temporary password.

To modify a user or reset the password

  1. Go to User Accounts
  2. Find the user to modify and click the edit link
  3. Make the desired changes and click Save

To delete a user account

You cannot delete a user that shows (AO) next to their email.   This indicates that this is the account owner and is tied to the SendReceipt subscription.

  1. Go to User Accounts
  2. Find the user to remove and click the delete link
  3. Confirm that you wish to delete the account

Receipts created by the deleted user account will remain in the system.

User Level and Permissions

The account level and permissions determine what the user has access to in SendReceipt.

Account Level - User

The user can access any area except for Administration.

Account Level - Administrator

The user can access any area including Administration.


Create User can create receipts
Void User can void receipts
Delete User can delete receipts
Access Reports User can access reports
Manage Customers User can edit customer information