Company Options
You can customize your company account on the Company Profile page

Before making changes, be sure that all users are logged out.

To change your options:

  1. Log in with an administrator account
  2. In the left menu, click Settings
  3. Click Company Profile

Next Receipt Number
Displays the next number that will be used.  This field can be changed to a new number.   Before changing this number, be sure that all users are logged out and that the next number does not overlap previous receipts.

Automatically total amount due
If selected, the total amount due will be filled in the Amount Received field.

Do not attach receipt to email
If this option is selected, a PDF of the receipt is not attached to the customer's email.  The customer must click the link provided in the email to view, download, or print the receipt.

Receipt Style

  • Always Ask - user can choose which style of receipt to create
  • Free Form - SendReceipt will always use the free form style receipt
  • Itemized - SendReceipt will always use the itemized style receipt

If Free Form or Itemized is selected, the user is not prompted to choose a receipt style when creating a new receipt.  However, the user can click Cancel and Select Style button on the Customer selection page to choose a different receipt style

Hide System Payment Options
If selected, the system defined payment methods such as Cash, Check, Online Payment, and Other are not displayed when creating a receipt.  You must define your own payment methods on the Data Lists page.