Creating Receipts

To create a receipt, click the New Receipt button on the Dashboard page or from the Receipts history page.

The process involves the following steps, each described in further detail below:

  1. Select the type of receipt to create
  2. Select or create a customer
  3. Enter in the receipt description or select items, depending on the receipt type
  4. Enter the total amount received and payment detail
  5. Review the data entered
  6. Print the receipt

Receipt Types

SendReceipt supports two types of receipts:  Free-form and itemized

A free-form receipt is a basic receipt that has a single description and total.  An itemized receipt contains line of items that make up the total of the receipt.

You are free mix and match receipt types.

Choosing or Creating a Customer

In the search box, beginning typing in customer's name.  This can be the name of a business or indvidual.  As you type, SendReceipt will show list of matching names that you can select from.

If the customer's name appears in the list, you can click to select it.  If the customer's name is not found, click New Customer to create it.

Changing Customer Information

After selecting a customer, the current information is displayed.  If the customer's information needs to be updated, click the pencil icon next to the customer's name.

Receipt Description (Free-form only)

Enter the receipt description and amount due.   If tax is required, select the tax locality from the drop-down menu.   Note that if the customer has a tax-exempt ID, the tax drop-down menu will be unavailable.

Receipt Items (Itemized only)

  1. In the Item Name box, type in the name of the product or service.   SendReceipt will begin searching for matching items that were defined in Products and Services.  If the item appears in the list, select it and this will populate the remaining fields except for quantity and tax.  If the item is not found, you will need to enter the cost and description.  Note that these items are not added to your Products and Services list.
  2. If the item is subject to tax, select the tax locality from the drop-down menu.   Tax is only calculated for selected line.  If the customer has a tax-exempt ID, the tax drop-down menu will not be available.
  3. To add another item, click Add Line.   The item name, qty, and cost must contain values before you can add another line.
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 until all items have been created.


  1. Enter the total amount received by the customer.  If the auto-fill total due feature is enabled, this field will be filled in with the total due.
  2. Select the payment type.
  3. Enter a payment description (Optional).
  4. Select the user that received payment if it was not you.


Review the information that was entered and if it is correct, click Submit.  Otherwise, click the Back button to make changes.

After the receipt is created, a PDF copy of the receipt is automatically emailed to the customer.  If the customer record does not contain an email, the PDF will not be sent.

Print / View / Save Receipt

On the confirmation screen, click the View Receipt button to view the PDF that was sent to the customer.   Adobe Acrobat Reader Plug-In must be installed to view and save the PDF.